Nestan-Darejan Pirtskhalaishvili †

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Nestan-Darejan "Nessy/Nest/Pirt" Pirtskhalaishvili is a Georgian section gunner within the

Mobile Infantry. She is a loyal run of the mill soldier who takes on a rather archaic guise; Both mentally

and physically but with some modern oddity mixed in.

Nestan-Darejan Pirtskhalaishvili
|Nessy, Nest, Pirt
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Personal Details
Full Name Nestan-Darejan Pirtskhalaishvili
Date of Birth 6-02-2277
Origin Georgia, Earth

Military Information
Allegiance FederationFlag.jpg United Citizen Federation
Service/branch Mobile Infantry,
Rifle Company
Years of service
Rank F-E-1.png Private
Status Inactive

Physical Attributes
Pirtskhalaishvili faceclaim new.jpegFaceclaim Gender Female
Bloodtype O+
Height 5'4"
Weight 9st 7lbs
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Dark Brown
Ethnicity Caucasian; Tanned

Physical Characterists[edit | edit source]

Nestan-Darejan is a short Georgian woman standing at 5 feet 4 inches with a slim, athletic build - A person to pack light and move fast, and even able to fit in smaller places than most. Her skin would be youthful, well kept and tanned to a light coffee colour which matches well with her large dark brown eyes and black hair; Which is cut into an old fashioned bob cut.

Mental Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Nestan-Darejan (on the outside) is a calm and level headed woman who upkeeps military standards. But if one were get to know her more, she would be a quiet and aloof woman with a factual and rather victorian mindset; Factual being that she says what is on her mind (mostly) and says how topics and situations appear to her. Also with the factuality she is enable to speak about almost any topic, even what the male counter part delve into and homo-erotic subjects - When questioned about her sexuality the mood changes with her becoming rather defensive and tangentable with the topic: Gleaming the possible chance of being a closet homosexual. The Victorian mindset brings some old-world values into her own play, being: scruples (Honour and the right thing to do), manners and attempting lady-like mannerisms. With her higher ups she has an undying loyalty towards them - Even if they are poorly treating her, a possible cause of her indoctrination within training.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Nestan-Darejan was born on the 6th of February 2277 with two parents: Malkhanzi and Giorgi Pirtskhalaishvili with her mother, Malkhanzi dying from the birth. Nestan grew up, not knowing her mother and with her father treating her rather negligibly but nothing too awful of the sorts. As she grew up she took interest in home economics and cooking - Which leads to her reading books and obtaining information about the subjects. As she goes through her teen years, still growing the interest of home economics and cooking, she is later working with her father in agriculture, along with her school work. She was never much interested in the love fads of the teen years, finding lonliness to be the better company and often dressed, portayed and styled herself like she is from the mid 20th century, most notably the 1960s. Though she did find an interest with someone named Tsisana Sidorova but sadly, Nestan was the opposite calibre which Tsisana was looking for. But through this she carries on with her job and school; Finishing up with very poor grades and continues to work in agriculture. At the age of twenty her father plans an arranged wedding for her and a male named Ilia Sidorovich but one slip up later Nestan finds out; Not very happy she packs up her assenstials and joins up for the Mobile Infantry where she does her selection process, phase 1 and 2 training before being shipped off onto the Ulysses Grant on the 26th of October 2298.