Reuben Amukama †

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Reuben Amukama is a character onboard the Ulysses S. Grant who was born and raised on Faraway.
Reuben Amukama
Personal Details
Full Name Reuben Amukama
Date of Birth 23-04-2266
Origin Sigma City, Faraway, Sigma Draconis System

Military Information
Allegiance FederationFlag.jpg United Citizen Federation
Service/branch Mobile Infantry
Years of service 14
Rank Corporal Corporal
Status Inactive

Combat Awards

VUM.pngMUM.png VCM.pngCAM.pngCitation.png


Infantry.png Genspec.png Veterancy.png

Theatre Ribbons
OmegaAward.png Lambda.png Meggido.png Olympus.png

Military History[edit | edit source]

2284 - Enlistment and Bootcamp at Longago (Sigma City), Faraway.

2284 - Promotion to Private and selected as garrison to Faraway.

2286 - Promotion to Lance Corporal.

2286 - Promotion to Corporal in the aftermath of the second civil unrest caused by famine on Faraway.

2290 - Promoted to Sergeant after the third famine-caused civil unrest.

2291 - Designated as Antony Mbeki's 'Colour Sergeant'.

2297 - Promoted to Staff Sergeant during the civil war caused by food shortage that befell Faraway after Terra has fallen to the Progenitors.

2297 - Officially unaffiliated during Governor Kgalema Maleba's reign over Faraway (but flagged as mutineer by local government)

2297 - Recruited by Colonel Davidson to serve as weaponry Master Specialist aboard the Ulysses S. Grant.

2298, March - Rank adjustment to Private

2298, March - Promotion to Corporal

2298, April - Demotion to Lance Corporal

2298, April - Promotion to Corporal

2298, May - Demotion to Lance Corporal

2298, May - Promotion to Corporal

2298, May - Demotion to Lance Corporal

2298, June - Transferred to 88th (B) Company as reinforcement.

2298, August - Demotion to Private First Class

2298, August - Promotion to Corporal

2298, August - Participated in Operation Helios, among the first human to enter the Ark.

Medical Record(s)[edit | edit source]

Vaccination table[edit source]

Disease Vaccinated
Orthomyxoviridae XH3N2
Checkbox yes.png
Generic Arachnid Disease
Checkbox nope.png
Generic Progenitor Disease
Checkbox nope.png

Other records[edit | edit source]

Judicial Record(s)[edit | edit source]

Amukama v. Federation (2286): Art. 128, 124, 97, 93. Innocent.

Amukama v. Federation (2287): Art. 131. Innocent.

Amukama v. Federation (2290): Art. 118, 131, 124. Innocent.

Amukama v. Draconian Hegemony (2297): Art. 94, 118, 95, 104. Guilty.

Amukama v. Draconian Hegemony (2297): Art. 118, 104. Guilty.

Amukama v. Federation (2298): Art. 134. Guilty.

Amukama v. Federation (2298): Art. 90(b), Art 91. 128. Guilty.