Raymond Bonavich

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"To eliminate the bug, we must understand the bug." - Sky Marshal Tehat Meru
Raymond Bonavich
Personal Details
Full Name Raymond Bonavich
Date of Birth 05-09-2277
Origin COM-5, Colony of New Hertfordshire

Military Information
Allegiance FederationFlag.jpg United Citizen Federation
Service/branch Military Intelligence
Games & Theory
Years of service Less than one.
Rank F-O-2.png Second Lieutenant
Status Inactive

Basic Information[edit | edit source]

General Information[edit | edit source]

Name: Raymond Bonavich

Sex: Male

DOB: 05-09-2277 (20)

Nationality: Colonial

Height: 6'0/182cm

Weight: 70kg/154lbs

Blood Type: O-

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Bonavich has a stark facial structure, complementing his chiseled jawline and hollowed cheekbones. He has a clean-shaven head with dark eyes, constantly surveying his surroundings in an analytical and methodical manner. He maintains an introspective facial expression, speaking in a loud but monotonous tone. He comes across as slightly ectomorphic, being tall and lean. His posture is upright, walking in an orthodox and smart manner.

At all times, he dons a pristine Military Intelligence trenchcoat, occasionally wearing a matching hat with the Intelligence uniform underneath.

Background[edit | edit source]

Born on the Colony of New Hertfordshire, Raymond Bonavich excelled in scientific studies during his childhood. His parents foresaw his expertise in Xenobiology when Bonavich successfully scored 99.8% in a physics test at the age of 12. He was accepted to the Specialist Scientific Academy of Cologne where he continued his studies, researching mostly on black holes and quantum mechanics. Through achieving a end result of 98.8% in combined science, he applied and transferred to the Imperial University of Eton, undergoing a course in Astrophysics and Quantum Theory. He eventually passed, gaining a Master's Degree in Astrophyics, a Master's Degree in quantum mechanics and a Bachelor's Degree in Technology but he had no intentions on working in his colony. Following an Arachnid attack in 2296, where his family were slaughtered, Bonavich decided that he would devote his career to researching into technology and astrophysics to aid the war effort. He saw his ideal workplace to be Military Intelligence. He applied and was transferred to Games & Theory, soon relocating to the Military Academy of Honolulu.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Bonavich is an assiduous induvidual, always prioritising his duties over personal needs. He works meticulously, showing a fine attention to detail. He holds authoritarian values, shedding light on his stern mindset. Bonavich works best in a professional environment, striving towards creating the best impression that he can achieve. He attacks any challenge in a methodical yet logical manner. Bonavich holds collectivist values, regarding the needs of the Federation to be more superior than anything else. He is also seen to follow a routine strictly, repeating many conventional actions over the course of his day.

Military History[edit | edit source]

Federal Service Record[edit | edit source]

05MAR96- Enlisted, Military Intelligence.

09MAR96- Transferred to Military Academy, Honolulu.

09NOV97- Promoted to 3rd Lieutenant, assigned to UCF-BC-291 'Ulysses Grant'

12NOV97- Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant, probationary period declared successful.

13MAR98- Reenlisted in the FFRL.