Naomi Hawthorne

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Naomi Hawthorne is the current Lieutenant of the 3rd PsiOps Detachment. Born on Terra in 2276, she was raised in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Living in a highly religious middle class family with her Mother and Father, Eliza and Pierre-Antoine Hawthorne.

Having been previously assigned to the 78th Mobile Infantry, 6th PsiOps Detachment, she now resides with the 112th Mobile Infantry aboard the UCF-291 BC "Ulysses S. Grant".

Naomi M. Hawthorne
Personal Details
Full Name Naomi M. Hawthorne
Date of Birth 04-21-2277
Origin Terra

Military Information
Allegiance FederationFlag.jpg United Citizen Federation
Service/branch MIPOD
Years of service 5
Rank F-O-2.png Lieutenant
Status Active

Combat Awards

VUM.pngMSM.pngMUM.png VCM.pngCAM.pngPurpleheart.png


Infantry.png Genspec.png Veterancy.png

Theatre Ribbons

Judicial Record[edit | edit source]

No recorded Court Marshals or offenses on record.

Medical Record[edit | edit source]

  • GSW - 7.62 mm to the left calf - Recovered
  • Severe laceration of the left forearm - Skinnie Physical Assault - Recovered
  • Three stab wounds to the left shoulder - Separatist Assault - Recovered
  • 3rd Degree Burns - Left forearm, Progenitor Plasma - Recovered
  • Laceration - Left cheek, Progenitor Assault - Recovered
  • Right leg cut off - Medical Malpractice - Recovered, BT
  • 4x GSW - Lower abdomen - Recovered
  • Fractured left leg - Unknown Alien Race, Thrown out window - Recovered

Military History[edit | edit source]

Service Record[edit | edit source]

  • 05/11/2294: Arrived at Camp Leiberman.
  • 01/12/2295: Completed Boot Camp at Camp Leiberman.
  • 01/21/2295: Assigned to 142nd Morita Rifles, 8th PsiOps Detachment. Rank of Private First Class, Third Specialist.
  • 02/04/2295: Deployed into Ursa Centauri, based in Kerrig Station (Cordelia).
  • 02/11/2295: Promoted to Lance Corporal.
  • 03/01/2295: Partook in Operation Simmering Steel.
  • 05/09/2295: Promoted to Corporal at the end of Operation Simmering Steel.
  • 05/10/2295: Awarded the Meritorious Service Medal.
  • 05/24/2295: Promoted to Second Specialist (MIPOD).
  • 06/03/2295: Promoted to Specialist (MIPOD).
  • 06/29/2295: Partook in Operation Stormbreaker.
  • 09/16/2295: Operation Stormbreaker deemed a failure, 142nd Morita Rifles merged with the 184th Morita Rifles due to heavy losses.
  • 10/15/2295: Tested for Psychic Handler program. Passed.
  • 11/01/2295: Awarded the Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon.
  • 01/18/2296: Reassigned to 87th Morita Rifles.
  • 02/22/2296: Partook in Operation Iron Scythe.
  • 05/28/2296: Awarded the Mobile Infantry Veterancy Ribbon.
  • 06/14/2296: Field promoted to Sergeant at the closing of Operation Iron Scythe. 

07/08/2296: [DATA EXPUNGED] 

  • 02/12/2297: Full recovery achieved. Reinstated into 87th Morita Rifles.
  • 05/17/2297: Partook in Operation Burning Falcon.
  • 09/02/2297: End of Operation Burning Falcon.
  • 12/26/2297: Invasion of Terra by Progenitors forces begins. 87th Morita Rifles stranded on Terra.
  • 08/02/2298: Remaining members of 87th rescued from Terra. Awarded the Meritorious Unit Medal. 

08/30/2298: [DATA EXPUNGED] 

  • 09/20/2298: Reassigned into the 112th Mobile Infantry, 3rd MIPOD Detachment. Placed in as a Private First Class at request.
  • 09/22/2298: Cleared for Psychic Handler program. Ranked at Master Specialist.
  • 09/23/2298: Lost right leg in combat due to medical malpractice. BT replacement administered.
  • 10/01/2298: Promoted to Lance Corporal.
  • 10/20/2298: Promoted to Corporal.
  • 10/27/2298: Promoted to Technical Sergeant of the 3rd MIPOD Detachment.
  • 12/09/2298: Awarded the Meritorious Unit Medal.
  • 01/22/2298: Promoted to Lieutenant of the 3rd MIPOD Detachment.