Mikayla Kowalski †

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Mikayla Izabella Kowalski
Personal Details
Full Name Mikayla Izabella Kowalski
Date of Birth June 7th, 2273
Origin Wodzisław Śląski, Poland, Terra

Military Information
Allegiance NoAffil.png Mobile Infantry
Service/branch Mobile Infantry
Years of service Two
Rank F-O-2.png Lieutenant
Status Inactive

Brief Description[edit | edit source]

"... It means, be advised. That I'm mean, nasty and tired. I eat concertina wire and piss napalm and I can put a round through a fleas ass at two hundred meters..."

Mikayla is a shorter Polish woman, standing at about 5'7'' and weighing about just above average with a filled out look. She has ghostly blue eyes and long blonde hair, usually tied back out of the way. The right side of her face, neck and arm, bear light scars and off coloured skin. When she speaks, she does so with a low, flat Polish accent, however pronounces her words as if Federal Standard were her native language. She is more often than not, referred to as 'Koala' by some of the older troopers, most likely friends or previous peers.

A few items she commonly wears include:

  • Mobile Infantry Beret,
  • Black Multicam fatigues with some minor modifications,
  • Thick framed glasses,
  • A gold ring, worn around either her dog tags or left ring finger.
  • A small gold, skull shaped earring (Singular) with an absurd amount of bones below it.

Upon closer inspection of her glasses, it would be quite easy to see a set of initials on the left band. J.L.

In the field, she doesn't change much, occasionally switching the beret for a helmet, the pace stick for a rifle and adding a large backpack, packed to the brim with everything she could ever need to kill just about any known enemy. Her arsenal consists of either a Mark 1 with an under-slung grenade launcher and a thermal scope or a Mark 3, accompanied by a TW-109-E as her sidearm. Her helmet is decorated with a pair of faded blue jaig eyes and a pear of white wings sat atop of it.

"You don't refuse, a CAP Trooper doesn't refuse anything. He steps up and takes a swing at it."

Kowalski bears a few tattoos. On her right arm would be a the typical infantry "Death from Above" tattoo. On her right shoulder blades sits a large, rather odd tattoo of a Polish Hussar. On her left upper arm, a Kotwica with text below it reading 'Disposable Heroes.'

Back Story[edit | edit source]

Mikayla grew up in Wodzisław Śląski, Poland. Where she lived a normal life with her older brother, raised to catholic civilian parents. Although her life was fairly normal, she wasn't exactly a dedicated student, favoring workshop courses, over studying. Despite this lack of dedication, she barely managed to skim by with passing her final year. In simpler words, a C level student. As a child and teenager, she had many hobbies, such as mixed martial arts, Cadets, horse riding and metal work. Her motivation to enlist in service, ultimately came from her grand father. Who retired as a Corporal, shortly after the First Bug War.
Kowalski's UniCard. Proving her existence.


(56) Blazej Kowalski - Father - Unknown

(53) Krysia Kowalski - Mother - Unknown

(29) Aleksy Kowalski - Brother - Unknown

(28) Tess Kowalski - Sister in Law - Unknown

(0) Klara Kowalski - Niece - Unknown

"Give me a morita, a bug eyed alien to shoot it at and I'll die a happy girl."

Military Service[edit | edit source]

A graduate of Camp Currie and Camp Sergeant Spooky Smith, she was posted to the 51st Mobile Infantry Battalion as a Mark Two gunner in the battalion's stand off company. Three months pass, Kowalski elected to participate in the Combat Engineering course, passed and promoted to Third Specialist. Initially being posted to the 112th Combat Engineer Detachment, and she was quickly raised to the position of Master Specialist, in charge of Systems training and operation of engineers aboard the Audie Murphy and gained an NCO rank within the infantry, remaining Sergeant for quite a few months. Following this time, she saw herself change as an NCO, leading to her to forfeit her position within the Combat Engineers and transfer to the Mobile Infantry, retaining her rank of Sergeant. There, she endured some of the toughest experiences in her life, in particular, Operation Omega and the death of one of her mentors. Technical Sergeant James 'Jimmy' Lerwick. Later in the sequence of events, she was promoted to Staff Sergeant where she remained for quite some time, including during the Battle of Terra. Post-Terra, she was promoted to Master Sergeant and quickly found herself running the platoon as Lieutenant Tuuli was plunged into a comma after a psychic episode, where she later died. Along with the news of The Lieutenants death, came her promotion. A very displeasing promotion. From there, she had been forced to switch her jobs more than a couple of times, taking over unit sizes from Platoon, to company and even to brigade level command.

"I made a very important discovery at Camp Currie. Happiness consists in getting enough sleep. Just that, nothing more. All the wealthy, unhappy people you've ever met take sleeping pills; Mobile Infantrymen don't need them. Give a CAP Trooper a bunk and time to sack out in it, and he's as happy as a worm in an apple—asleep."

Mikayla during her Combat Engineering Introduction Course.

Age of Enlistment: 22

Disciplinary actions: Nil.

Nationality: Polish

Religion: Roman Catholic

Criminal Record: Nil.

Blood type: O+

Serial Number: TP05423990047

Official Drop count: 1208

“Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn't even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.”

Previous Units: Company J, 4th Battalion, 1st Training Regiment ; Company B, 51st Battalion "Micheal's Misfits/Reels' Reapers/Timothy's Tombstones/Dreger's Disposable Heroes" ; Company A, 112th Battalion "Delatorre's Gamblers/Simons Simians/Sorrentino's Spartans/Richardson's Rainbows/Garret's Grapes/Davidson's Deathmakers"

"They tell a story, probably not true, about a CAP Trooper, who was sight-seeing in Paris. He visited Les Invalides, looked down at Napoleons coffin and said to the French Guard. "Who's he?"

The Frenchmen was properly scandalized. "Monsieur does not know? This is the tomb of Napoleon. Napoleon Bonaparte - The greatest soldier to ever live!"

The CAP Trooper thought about it. Then ask. "So? Where were his drops?""

Awards & Medals[edit | edit source]

  • Purple Heart (12)
  • POW Medal (1)
  • General Specialisation Ribbon
  • Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon
  • Mobile Infantry Service Medal
  • Mobile Infantry Veterancy Ribbon
  • Mobile Infantry Distinguished Service Medal
  • Operation Adrestia Campaign Ribbon
  • Operation Breadbasket Campaign Ribbon
  • Operation Moros Campaign Ribbon
  • Operation Restoring Hope Campaign Ribbon
  • Operation Omega Campaign Ribbon
    Kowalski in her teens, participating in Martial Arts classes at her Cadet unit.

Weapons & Equipment Qualifications[edit | edit source]

  • TW-201-S Morita Mk1 Carbine
  • TW-201-L Morita Mk1 Marksman Rifle
  • TW-201-M Morita Mk1 Squad Automatic Weapon
  • TW-201-L Morita Long Sniper Rifle
  • TW-204-C Morita Mk 4 Modular Assault Rifle
  • TW-203-A Morita Mk 3 Assault Rifle
  • XW-110-G1 Morita Underslung Grenade Launcher
  • TW-99-S Belcher Shotgun
  • SW-403 Morita Mk2 General Purpose Machine Gun
  • TW-102-S Peacemaker Sidearm
  • SW-226-F Hel Infantry Flamer
  • SW-M-55 Rocket Launcher (+ TON Clearance)
  • Lizard Line Launcher
  • KN-1B APC Driver & Commander
  • MA-96 Tank Driver & Commander
  • AMULE Operator
  • MW-5050 Twin Fifty Machine Gun (Gunner & Loader)
  • MW-28 Grenade Machine Gun (Gunner & Loader)
  • M-902F Fragmentation Grenade
  • M-909S Fog Grenade
  • SW-402 Triple Thud Grenade Launcher

Course Qualifications[edit | edit source]

  • Sapper Qualified - Instructor Qualified
  • Munitions Qualified - Instructor Qualified
  • Systems Qualified - Instructor Qualified
  • MEC Trooper Qualified - Instructor Qualified
  • Engineer Reconnaissance Course - Instructor Qualified
  • Radio Communications Operator Course - Instructor Qualified
  • Infantry Reconnaissance Course
  • Regimental Provost Course

Medical History[edit | edit source]

  • Gunshot Wound - Left shoulder - February 8th, 2297
  • First degree burns - Arms and face - February 17th, 2297
  • Second degree burns - Arms, chest, lower abdomen, face and neck - March 10th, 2297
  • Minor laceration and fragmentation - Entire body - March 10th, 2297
  • Gunshot Wound - Left upper arm - March 13th, 2297
  • Impaled by hopper - Left foot - April 29th, 2297
  • Dislocated shoulder - Left arm - May 25th, 2297
  • Concussion - - May 25th, 2297
  • Fractured radius - left arm - May 25th, 2297
  • Mild Whiplash - - May 25th, 2297
  • Cracked ribs - 4th & 5th ribs - May 25th, 2297
  • Impaled by Warrior - Right shoulder - June 29th, 2297
  • Stress fracture - Left foot - July 14th, 2297
  • Stress fracture - Left tibia - July 14th, 2297
  • Gunshot Wound - Left bicep - August 28th, 2297
  • Gunshot Wound (Shotgun) - Left bicep - August 29th, 2297
  • Penetrating wound (Shrapnel) - Left Thigh - September 1st, 2297
  • Broken bone - Left Tibia - September 8th, 2297
  • Concussion - - September 8th, 2297
  • Bruised ribs - Right side - September 25th, 2297
  • Flail chest - Left side - September 28th, 2297
  • Dislocated shoulder - Left arm - September 28th, 2297
  • Broken 2nd and 3rd rib - Right side - September 28th, 2297
  • Fracture - Left wrist - September 28th, 2297
  • Fracture - Left hand - September 28th, 2297
  • Fracture - Left tibia - September 28th, 2297
  • Concussion - - September 28th, 2297
  • Fracture - Left femur - September 28th, 2297
  • Multiple penetrating wound - Chest - October 18th, 2297
  • Tension pneumothorax - Right intercostal space - October 18th, 2297
  • Gunshot Wound - Abdomen - October 30th, 2297
  • Gunshot Wound (Superficial) - Left arm - December 21st, 2297
  • Gunshot Wound - Abdomen - December 22nd, 2297
  • Gunshot Wound - Left arm - December 22nd, 2297
  • Gunshot Wound - Left leg - December 22nd, 2297
  • Gunshot Wound - Left leg - December 22nd, 2297

"Everything up to then and still later were "incidents," "patrols," or "police actions." However, you are just as dead if you buy the farm in an "incident" as you are if you buy it in a declared war."

Diagnosed Psychological Issues, Phobias & Other Medical Issues

  • Arachnophobia
  • Hadephobia
  • Apotemnophobia
  • Fear of Skinnies
  • Majority bone replacement or reconstruction (Titanium) - Ribs, both legs and left arm.
  • Resectioned Liver
  • Medical Exemption: Hair dye