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Michael Ramsey is the current Governor of Alpha Centauri. He originates from Chicago, Earth; Sol System.

Former Mobile Infantry Sergeant with the 77th and 112th and Pathfinder Operator on the AFC-BC 177 Audie Murphy, then reigning Executive Commander of the Pathfinder Operations aboard the UCF-291 BC "Ulysses S. Grant".
Michael Ramsey
Personal Details
Full Name Michael Ramsey
Date of Birth July 19, 2250
Origin Chicago, Earth, Sol System

Military Information
Allegiance FederationFlag.jpg United Citizen Federation
Service/branch United Citizen's Federation Legislative Branch

(Formerly Mobile Infantry, OSW, Military Intelligence)

Years of service 26
Rank F-O-5.png Colonel
Status Inactive

Physical Attributes
Personplaceholder.jpgFaceclaim Gender Male
Height 6 ft
Eye colour Bluegrey
Ethnicity Caucasian
Combat Awards

VUM.pngMSM.pngMUM.png DSM.pngGood conduct.pngVCM.pngCAM.pngPurpleheart.pngCitation.png


Infantry.png Genspec.png Veterancy.png PoW.png

Theatre Ribbons
Firestorm3.png Blueeagle.png Desertflames.png Fountain.png Faxx.png Poisonarrow.png Shaolin2.png Uprising.png Goldenspire2.png Edenwell.png Adrestia.png Moros.png OmegaAward.png Lambda.png Meggido.png

Biography[edit | edit source]

Born as son to Matthew and Judith Ramsey in Chicago 2250, young Michael grew up in a sprawling city and a quarreling household. His father, Corporal (ret.) and discharged police officer, doubted his son all along. It was when Michael was 18 when his father told him about a family tradition; a tradition of service. In order to redeem himself as a 'real man', he had to spend three years in Mobile Infantry service. It wasn't so much about citizenship as for the dangers of service itself; young Michael was reluctant to do so. War? With him in the middle of it? Not to think of it! He wanted college, he wanted one of those glass offices. Young Michael was more than reluctant to join the Mobile Infantry; being shot at and being chewed out was not for him. On the other hand, his father was pressing him to join service - even filling out the papers for him. He struck a deal with his father - he'd become an apprentice and learn about electronical engineering. Part of the deal was that he then could join an engineering battalion - something Michael probably wouldn't have done. He was gambling on getting a good enough job offer to move out and pay for his education. A while into the apprenticeship, he suffered from a break up. 23 and heartbroken, he cracked. What's there to keep me in Chicago? And what's two years and guaranteed citizenship? It can only be helpful for the future. And how would he spend his years in college? Rents in Chicago are abysmal and there's little chance he would be welcome at home. After all, who was he to deny family tradition, when even his grandfather and greatgrandfather served.

He spent a quick stint in the Chicago bootcamp, without any extraordinary incidents. He realized his life was now depending on the trigger of the Morita Mark One - then the shittiest weapon in the galaxy.

It was a sigh of relief for him when he heard he would be assigned to a reconnaisance regiment, housed by the 57th. He always liked the wilds and, to be fair, doing recon you don't expect to be shot at very much. How wrong he was, he learned during Operation Steelhammer, an operation designed to take out Skinnie infrastructure. Needless to say, Military Intelligence back then wasn't what it is today. The reports were horribly off and the enemy was severely underestimated. Official numbers of the operation: 375.000 KIA/MIA, 231.183 WIA and over 21.922 POW. The 57th was severely understaffed after this event and disbanded. Michael Ramsey served for 4 years already and still was only a Private. That's not the rank you wish to come home with when being doubted by everyone; especially when your grandfather was a decorated Staff Sergeant. Even though he was offered to take Citizenship and leave after the campaign, he decided to stick around for one more stint. He hasn't died so far - and there's no chance his parents would pay for any college at this rate.

He was moved to the 77th, then lead by Lieutenant Emily Rainer. It was during this time as a Private here when he met people like Jason Wittman, his soon-to-be wife Lieutenant Commander Holly Dern and other friends. Due to problems with the paperwork, Ramsey had to start as a Recruit again. He received his Private insignias by Technical Sergeant Mow Sha Chung after a few drops or so. Master Sergeant Jack Furie Sr. finally recognized his potential and promoted him to Private First Class. Ramsey showed aptitude with the Mark II and was eager to deploy it in the upcoming campaign, Operation Firestorm.

Having a meet-up with Skinnies once again, the 77th was meant to hold the trenches and distract the skinnies while other elements were doing the dirty work essentially. While technically the Operation lasted for three days, everyone knew the outcome of it when landing already. 26 year old Michael Ramsey was there, in the trenches, with his Mark Two, fending off Skinnies for three days straight, with little to no sleep. It was the longest day of his life. Operation Firestorm was a horrible failure.

It wasn't until Major Angelica Strawn took over the 77th and turned them into the Sabertooths - an armoured regiment - when Michael Ramsey had his first leadership experience. Showing creativity in the usage of tanks in combined arms wargames, Ramsey was finally made Lance Corporal. When Colonel Emily Rainer decided that there were too many Lance Corporals a little while later, Ramsey was in the right spot at the right time and saw his Corporal patches. Now being a NCO, he must have had a special appeal to him; despite already balding. He picked up a PFC in the bar, the tête-à-tête in the infamous shower on the Audie Murphy resulting in the birth of his first daughter.

Michael Ramsey, circa 2277

When the 77th was disbanded in favour of creating the 112th, Ramsey was appointed Sergeant following the events of the MICDTF, a huge three day training exercize to determine Non-Commissioned Officers of this new uniform. Following quarrels with the Major-Hudson-appointed Lieutenant, James Burvelle, was a rank fluctuation. He came back on top of it as his friend, former fellow Private and now Lieutenant Jason Wittman took over the 112th. With a strict squad system in place, he lead "Ramsey's Rhinos" after inflicting a devastating defeat on Jerome White's squad in a CTF match.

Now clocking something around 30 years of age and about a decade of service in the Mobile Infantry, he at last achieved something of significance - and he thought it was time to settle. With his retirement papers submitted, it was during this floating state he was approached by Military Intelligence. The so-called Pathfinders were undergoing drastic changes, from a huge division of direct action soldiers to a small contingent of clandestine operators. It was men like Michael Ramsey who were needed for these changes. After having passed the absurdly strict selection and training, it was ordered by Admiral Thomas E. Hargreves himself to form a Pathfinder Attachment with the Sixth Fleet. And so the 33rd Pathfinder Attachment was founded - and this book closes to an ending.

At last, Michael Ramsey has found his purpose and profession. It wasn't in a shiny office, it wasn't with a torch, welding things, it wasn't with the engineers, it wasn't with the Marauders. It was killing humans in the name of the Federation.

With the professionals aside, his personal life was never as captivating as his wild service history, aside from the occasional tête-à-tête, one of them resulting in the birth of his first daughter in 2277. He shortly after met his future wife, who gave birth to his second daughter in 2280. His wife, Audrey Calthrop-Thorne, a Lieutenant Commander with the Fleet, retired from service to settle on Zegama Beach. They both decided to afford a mansion on Ciudad del Mar until things happened.

Military History[edit | edit source]

Service Record[edit | edit source]

  • 2273 - Enlistment and Basic
  • 2274 - Graduation from Basic and assigned to 57th Reconnaisance Regiment
  • 2274 - Promotion to Private
  • 2275 - Promotion to Private First Class
  • 2275 - Partook in Operation Steelhammer
  • 2276 - Assigned to 77th 'Lucky Sevens' Raiders Battalion
  • 2276 - Promotion to Private
  • 2277 - Promotion to Private First Class
  • 2277 - Partook in Operation Firestorm
  • 2278 - Unit re-designated as 77th 'Sabretooth' Mechanized Infantry Battalion
  • 2278 - Promoted to Lance Corporal
  • 2278 - Promoted to Corporal
  • 2279 - Partook in Operation Blue Eagle
  • 2280 - Re-enlisted as Private, assigned to 112th Hercules Infantry Battalion
  • 2280 - Promoted to Private First Class
  • 2280 - Promoted to Lance Corporal
  • 2280 - Promoted to Corporal
  • 2280 - Demoted to Lance Corporal
  • 2280 - Partook in the Shaolin Campaign
  • 2280 - Partook in Operation Poison Arrow
  • 2281 - Promoted to Sergeant
  • 2281 - Partook in Operation Babel
  • 2281 - Promoted to Lieutenant (Military Intelligence)
  • 2281 - Assigned to 33rd Pathfinder Attachment, attached to AFC-BC 177 Audie Murphy
  • 2281 - Partook in Operation Faxx
  • 2281 - Partook in Operation Fountain of Genesis
  • 2281 - Promoted to Captain
  • 2282 - Promoted to Major, assigned to 2nd Pathfinder Platoon
  • 2283 - Promoted to Colonel
  • 2288 - Promoted to Major General of Military Intelligence
  • 2296 - Reassigned as Colonel for field operations, Executive Officer of Pathfinder Operations within 6th Fleet, aboard UCF-291 BC "Ulysses S. Grant".
  • 2296 - Operation Generous (Executive planning)
  • 2296 - Project Nemesis (Executive planning)
  • 2297 - Partook in Operation Omega
  • 2297 - Partook in Operation Warhorse
  • 2297 - Founded the Centaurian Empire on Hesperus during the Civil War
  • 2298 - Formed the Coalition as Executive Intelligence Director and later OSW/Military Intelligence liasion
  • July 2298 - Retired to take position as Governor of Alpha Centauri

Political History[edit | edit source]

Following the outbreak of the Civil War in 2297, Michael Ramsey, together with General Danny Martin, formed the Centaurian Empire, headquartering on Hesperus. While formed into the Coalition shortly later, this stint was the stepping stone in Ramsey's political career. Following his retirement out of OSW (Military Intelligence) service, he has opted to take the Governor position of Alpha Centauri once again, despite originating from Earth and owning a house on Zegama Beach.

In a short amount of time, Ramsey's party has overcome the post-war depressionin great strides by exploiting post-war and especially post-progenitor circumstances. For instance the then-homeless arms produces Voight & Gromman (who lost their headquarters following the events of Operation Omega).

Political Outline[edit | edit source]

Michael Ramsey's political course seems to have taken inspiration from his years with Military Intelligence, or the rather clandestine Office of Special Warfare specifically.

The Government of Alpha Centauri is not very open about their politics in general, as opposed to other governors such as the ones from Rhohan or Sirius for example. The course of action is decscribed to be very precise, disciplined and very 'military'. This can be exemplified by the opening of the Hesperus City Stock Exchange, followed by then inviting Voight & Gromman to Hesperus aswell. V&G's stocks shot upwards by this and quite a few people made their winnings by such a gamble.

The overall course of his seems to be progressive with conservative touches. Following the ideal of "If it isn't broken, do not attempt to fix it", the government around him values the Status Quo wherever possible. Hesperus was the Federation's number-one colony in terms of production output. It has been there for a while and it has been there for a reason. The government around Michael Ramsey understands this but is also open to new approaches which may potentially increase the well-being of Alpha Centauri either in the long-term or slowly and steadily.

Events[edit | edit source]

Intelligence leak on Hesperus

Speeches[edit | edit source]

Hod's Destiny