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Matthew Russell Squires
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Personal Details
Full Name Matthew Russell Squires
Date of Birth December 22nd, 2275
Origin New Austin, Rhohan, Rho Eridani

Military Information
Allegiance FederationFlag.jpg United Citizen Federation
Service/branch Mobile Infantry
Years of service 1
Rank F-E-4.png Sergeant
Status Inactive

"Peace through superior firepower."
Matthew Russell Squires (born December 22nd, 2275) is a Mobile Infantryman serving with the 6th Mobile Infantry Division, 3rd Brigade, 112th Morita Battalion, A Company, 1st Platoon.

 Early Life[edit | edit source]

Childhood[edit | edit source]

Matthew Russell Squires was born December 22nd, 2275 in New Austin, Rhohan, Rho Eridani, to Thomas Squires and his wife, Kristina. He was the second oldest, following three years after his older sister, Lana Squires. He also has two younger brothers; Caleb Squires and Benjamin Squires, who are eighteen and ten respectively.

As a child, Matthew took quickly to technical items. By age ten, he could easily fix bicycles and small motors; by eighteen, he was an avid welder, mechanic, and fabricator.

By the age of eighteen, Squires had accumulated a reputation for being stubborn, abrasive, and quick-witted.

Education[edit | edit source]

Squires was not one for a classroom. Upon entering high school, it became apparent that he would turn rebellious. He quickly racked up a reputation for being a wildcard, actively committing petty crime to secure alcohol for parties and street racing in his truck. He was caught four times, but ultimately released to his parents as he was under the age of eighteen.

He was quick to embrace his understanding of fabrication and automotive systems, however, and applied them where possible to make additional money. After his graduation from high school, he pursued a career within the field. He applied to many universities on Rhohan and Cassandra, however, ultimately ended up at the ICC Technical Institute. He completed four years, majoring in welding sciences and minoring in automotive systems. He passed with flying colors, and letters of recommendation from his teachers.

Prior to Enlistment[edit | edit source]

Squires became a welder with Myles Construction & Fabrication Co., working on a number of projects. He also married his high school sweetheart, Emma Fraser Kilmister, during this time. The two moved into a suburban home together, adopting an Australian Shepard named Jesse.

He began on a contract to build an integrated solar energy array and communications hub for H&H Solutions. The circumstances are unknown, but he was struck by a piece of aluminium tubing and fell two stories. He was given paid two week medical leave, but ultimately was fired three days before his return, his employer citing workplace issues. After a month of unemployment, and Rhohan entering full wartime economy, he was unable to find work. His spouse, Emma, filed for divorce. These factors ultimately led Squires to enlist in the Mobile Infantry.

 Enlistment & Service[edit | edit source]

Entry to service[edit | edit source]

Squires was to rort John Basilone on Rhohan for training on October 11th, 2297, where he completed his Combat Infantryman's Course. His company was also involved in trials for the Airmobile Assault Program (AAP), which ultimately fell through. This training, however, made Squires proficient in most realms of infantry combat and close quarters battle. He was ordered to report to the Archibald Wavell to be transferred to the Ulysses S. Grant for further orders. He was joined by fellow enlistees, Hansonov and Bryant, to the Grant. The group arrived aboard sometime around January 10th, 2298.

Xi Shi II[edit | edit source]

Squires, Bryant, and Hansonov were deployed under the eye of then-Sergeant Franco Sorrentino onto the shore of Xi Shi II. The group was deemed 'Shiny Squad' by their NCO, as they were noticeably effective in combat, moreso than their compatriots. Squires and Bryant were both injured by a frag grenade on the first day of their deployment, with Squires taking a further shot to the left arm not only a day later. He was fortunate, however, as a later overpass collapse would take Bryant's life, and Sorrentino's leg. He, himself, nearly faced death when left in an artillery barrage by section leader Blake Lexious, as was Axel Greiger, whom Squires found and guided to safety. Hansonov and Grieger both later suffered mental damage from the battle of Xi Shi II, leading to their rotation to the rear for psychoanalysis.

On the third day of their assault, Squires joined an assault team to punch into the Governor's Bunker, where he accidentally outpaced the rest of the section. He was faced by the Governor herself, who promptly shot him six times in the chest -- none of which penetrated.

Shiny Squad, circa 2298.

Shoreridge III[edit | edit source]

Following the deployment on Xi Shi II, the 112th was later tasked with retaking the planet of Shoreridge, where Squires frequently commanded combat sections as a Corporal and Assistant Sergeant under the watchful eyes of Master Sergeant Tom Solomons and Staff Sergeant Allison Walcroft.

Squires was entangled in controversy after Staff Sergeant Walcroft were accused of obstructing justice and war crimes, respectively, by then-Corporal Sebastian Bently. The charges against Squires and Walcroft were ultimately dropped, with Bently being punished for false accusations.

Despite the controversy surrounding the actions of Staff Sergeant Walcroft's decision, and his connection to the matter, Squires would still go on to receive a Distinguished Service Medal with V device, awarded by Master Sergeant Solomons, for valor and heroism in the face of an enemy force.

Present[edit | edit source]

Despite his jaded disciplinary record, Squires continues to serve with the 112th Morita Battalion, A Co., 1PLT. He has developed a reputation for "ping-ponging" between ranks, but has ultimately served with distinction.

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