Mark Lund

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Mark Lund
Personal Details
Full Name Mark Lund
Date of Birth 09-07-2264
Origin Denmark, Terra

Military Information
Allegiance FederationFlag.jpg United Citizen Federation
Service/branch Military Intelligence
Years of service 2
Status Inactive

Characteristics:[edit | edit source]

-Height: 6'1

-Gender: Male

-Hair Color: Brown

-Eye Color: Blue

-Weight: 176

-Ethnicity: Caucasian

-Mental Status: 9/10

-Health: 10/10

-blood type: A+

-Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Backstory:[edit | edit source]

Mark Lund was born in Denmark, in 2264. He is an only child, with a mother and a father. His family was middle-class, so he was able to get a good education. In school, his grades were exceptional, being the top student in all of his classes. In high school, he he decided to take specialty classes, where he was able to study technology and design. He was able to excel in high school. Due to his grades and future, he decided to wait to enlist, and go to college. He went to a good college in Denmark. He majored in Technology and minored in Alien Biology. Upon obtaining a bachelor's degree he went to the Federation Recruitment Office, due to his achievements in schooling, he was assigned to Games and Theory. He became a Federation Researcher, studying the "Skinny" race aboard the Ulysses S. Grant Assault Cruiser.