Leena Stokes

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Leena Stokes
Personal Details
Full Name Leena Stokes
Date of Birth 17-09-2276
Origin New York, Terra

Military Information
Allegiance FederationFlag.jpg United Citizen Federation
Service/branch Mobile Infantry
Years of service 1 Month
Rank F-E-2.png Private First Class
Status Inactive

Physical Attributes

The History of Leena Stokes:[edit | edit source]

Early Life:[edit | edit source]

Stokes grew up in Madison County, New York on 17-09-2276. Her Father, Adam Stokes was a Politician in the Federal Council, while her Mother Hollie Stoke, was a normal housewife/Shop owner. And her brother, David Stokes. But he isn’t that important. Stokes didn't get to see her Father much during her early, and even late childhood due to him being away in Switzerland most of the time and refused to take them with him, due to unknown reasons. But she and her mother bonded quite well due to this. Despite her circumstances, she managed to do very well in school and get a GPA of 3.4. She was a loner to an extent, however, mostly sticking to her close-knit group of friends, which she managed to keep up with after high school. However, during her time at a local community college, she finally got to fully meet her father. She and her Father managed to bond a little more over the course of four to six months, and during this time is when she heard about his time in the service, and his time as a politician. After hearing his stories and such, she decided to go the route of becoming a Citizen, despite her mother's wishes..

Battle of Terra:[edit | edit source]

After she managed to get into the International College of Tokyo, in Japan, the Neons appeared above Earth. And this was the start of “The battle of Terra.”, where many of her friends, and possibly some of her family perished int he fighting. But due to her localized and centralized location in Tokyo, she managed to be one of the first people on the Evac shuttles headed towards the Federal Fleet. And from there, she managed to get to Sanctuary rather safely, despite not knowing her Families fate until she saw them arrive days later..

Civil War:[edit | edit source]

Stokes didn’t do much during the Civil War. She didn’t join Either side until the very end where she managed to slip into the “Coalitions” hands due to a small skirmish with a Sanctuary ship. And from there she decided she could get her service done during the reclamation of Terra, and so, she signed up and started training. But this was near the end of the Civil War, and at this point, the Coalition had finally won when she was stationed with the 112th.

The 112th and on...[edit | edit source]

Not much is known on what happened after her station with the 112th, as most of the drops she’s been on have been rather.. Meaningless, to say the least. All that is known is that she’s mostly fought on the outskirts of the known Galaxy, mostly bugs, pirates, and separatists. And has done little to no fighting on Terra. Despite her few drops to Japan for Operation Oni...

Known Deployments/Service Record:[edit | edit source]

Service Record:[edit | edit source]

October 2298:

Oct. 8th: Promoted to Private (Pvt.)

November 2298:

Nov. 1st: Promoted to Private First Class (Pfc.)

Deployments:[edit | edit source]

--Nov 6th, 2:30 FST. Deployed to a derelict ship full of Pirates. She cleared the ship alongside Lance Corporal Llewellyn, and Private Baxter. Not much else to note on the incident.

-- Nov 7th. 2:45, FST. Deployed with the 112th to [REDACTED] In order to close some bug holes on [REDACTED]. Injuries were sustained, however, Stokes managed to escape with little, to no injuries.

Medical Records:[edit | edit source]

Known Ailments:[edit | edit source]

-- Altitude-Sickness

Allergies:[edit | edit source]

-- Penicillin

-- Cats

Injuries:[edit | edit source]