Lawrence Chamberlin †

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Life before Enlistment[edit | edit source]

Lawrence Chamberlin was born to a middle class family in Maine on July 26, 2278.

His childhood saw him growing fond of ships and reading of many books on them. His father captianed a small corvette during the first bug war and by the time Lawrence was born, had established himself as local leader in the community doing many acts of public selflessness during crisises that would follow during the second bug war. When Lawrence attended highschool, his interest shifted towards music and writing although his love reading never subsided as he read books that were above his grade level in comphresion and so became well versed in music and phlisophy at a young age. He was also a prominent figure in his high school marching band leading his fellow students in winning a championship over a long hatedrival. His senior year at highschool found him reading books on military service and tatctics one notable example being Sun Tzu's The Art of War. HIs academics were in the upper 80th percentile with a strong focus on math and phlisophy. At the age of eighteen he enlisted in the Federal Navy despite going against the wishes of his Father. Upon arrival at Tereshkova Base on Luna, Chamberlin quickly became a leader among his class, he specialized in communications as well as navigation, He graduated at top of his class follwed in a close second by his friend Bohannon.

Upon graduation the two were assigned to the AFC-117-'Audie Murphy'

Military career and achivements[edit | edit source]

Lawrence J Chamberllin
Personal Details
Full Name Lawrence J Chamberllin
Date of Birth 07/26/2278
Origin Terra

Military Information
Allegiance FederationFlag.jpg United Citizen Federation
Service/branch Federal Fleet
Years of service 4 years
Status Inactive