Kolton Buxton

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Kolton Buxton
Personal Details
Full Name Kolton Buxton
Date of Birth 05-25-2276
Origin Terra

Military Information
Allegiance FederationFlag.jpg United Citizen Federation
Service/branch Fleet
Years of service 3
Status Inactive

Ever since he was a young boy in the southern area of North America he dreamed of wealth and a better life than the one he had. He was raised by a fairly nice family with a brother and two sisters, however he lost one of his sisters to the arachnids because she joined the MI. Despite his lowly upbringing he sought to do well in school and make the best grades he could, he placed top in his class and was accepted to the Fleet Academy where he happily graduated and was then stationed on the Audie Murphy. He stayed with the Murphy through thick and thin until the unfortunate demise of his beloved ship and he now works on the Ulysses S. Grant with the 112th Morita Rifles. His whole life was based around him being able to afford a better life and he finally could since he made it into the Fleet. He is grateful for it and will always be thankful for those that stood by his side and continue to support him to this day.