Johnathon Price †

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"The Lord is a man of war; the Lord is his name, and he is my Lord" - Exodus 15:3
Johnathon Mary Price
Personal Details
Full Name Johnathon Mary Price
Date of Birth 15/12/2370
Origin Tarrick 4

Military Information
Allegiance FederationFlag.jpg United Citizen Federation
Service/branch Combat Engineering Division
Years of service 6 Months
Status Inactive

Combat Awards



Theatre Ribbons

Physical information[edit | edit source]

Height: 5'7.

Weight: 121 Lbs.

Eye color: Hazel

Hair color: Brown.

Skin tone: Pale.

NOTES: Price wears an Eye patch over his left eye.

Background[edit | edit source]

Johnathon Price, Was a farmer. In the Beginning The Federation came upon a planet known as Tarrick 4, that could sustain human life, so Price had grown up in a Catholic Orphanage on the planet, and therefore turned out to be a Disciple of God.

Previously Married, But wife was killed in an tragic accident, and resulted in Johnathon Price enlisting into the Mobile Infantry.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

An Average standard Englishman, wearing of course his eye patch as he does, with scars all over his body. He stands with a beard around his chin and his upper lip, with a Bald head.

Price has a strong Muscular build about him, and will perform duties that require strength and determination, Although appears to be a brute and a survivor of many conflicts, The scaring has taken it toll.

Military History[edit | edit source]

Operational Service[edit | edit source]

Operations on the Audie Murphy[edit | edit source]

Price enlisted and served aboard the Audie for a couple months, resulting in him being regarded as an "Old One", He served to his best ability and ensured he performed his duties on the ship and on combat operations with distinction, though only achieving the rank of private before Operation Omega.

Operation Omega[edit | edit source]

Price saw action, operating in Sergeant Travis' Young's Orange team for the entire operation, he performed routine patrols religiously upon the walls of the tunnel outpost alpha, however during the second week of engagement, Price's Morita was sliced resulting in his Morita having a slightly shorter barrel for the entirety of the operation, he saw action across the entire operation, per taking in the "Pink Extermination" team during a daring raid onto Bravo outpost, He eventually served on the final day holding the airlock, and killing in total over 500 enemies.

Operations on the Ulysses S. Grant[edit | edit source]

Price continually serves on the Grant, post Omega Price had enlisted into the Engineers and made it all the way up to master specialist, and achieving the rank of Corporal, He continues to serve to this day with pride and distinction.

Operation λambda[edit | edit source]

Price served in the inital attack against the Progenitors, as Price had learned of his fate, he was to die during the final fight with the Progenitors, Price had been seprerated from the group, as he did, a Mararuder came crashing down and destroyed the platform he was on, Killing him upon impact

Service Record[edit | edit source]

  • July 28th 2397 - Entered Boot Camp enlisting into the Mobile Infantry
  • August 10th 2397 - Graduated from basic training, Assigned to the Audie Murphy.
  • August 11th 2397 - Performed first drop.
  • August 12th 2397 - Promoted to the Rank of Private.
  • September 1st 2397 - Deployed on the Audie Murphy to Operation Omega.
  • September 3rd 2397 - Deployed to Ulysses S. Grant.
  • September 11th - Enlisted into the Engineering Division.
  • September 14th - Certified Sapper.
  • September 14th - Promoted from 3rd Specialist to 2nd Specialist.
  • September 16th - Certified into the Munitions.
  • September 24th - Promoted from Specialist to Lance Corporal.
  • October 8th - Certified into Systems Technician.
  • October 8th - Promoted from 2nd Specialist to Specialist.
  • October 19th - Promoted from Lance Corporal to Corporal.
  • October 19th - Promoted from Specialist to Senior Specialist.
  • October 23rd - Partook in Operation Warhorse.
  • October 25th - Tried and found guilty of treason, to save another Troopers life.
  • October 25th - Lashed five times and Demoted from the rank of Corporal to Lance Corporal.
  • November 1st - Certified into MEC qualifications, assigned to assist 13th Marauder brigade.
  • November 15th - Tried for account of manslaughter, cleared of all charges.
  • November 16th - Promoted to Master Specialist.
  • December 2nd - K.I.A. during Operation Operation λambda.