John Sherman †

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John "Short-Shot" Sherman
Personal Details
Full Name John "Short-Shot" Sherman
Date of Birth 02-03-2269
Origin New Kansas

Military Information
Allegiance FederationFlag.jpg United Citizen Federation
Service/branch Engineering
Years of service 3 Years
Rank F-E-2.png Private First Class
Status Inactive

Biography[edit | edit source]

John Sherman was born on New Kansas in a Small town near the capital named Wichipeka which was the spot of the First invasion of the Second Arachnid War his father was of the first of the nearby farmers to help tend the tide of the oncoming Arachnid menace. When the MI arrived it had already been too late as Shermans mother had sadly perished during the onslaught. After the MI had defeated the arachnid menace, Sherman's father enlisted to help fight the onslaught, leaving behind his young child to the help of his Uncle. nearly ten years later his father returned with the rank of an Engineering Tech Sergeant. Sherman joined up shortly after finishing High school and when he finished Basic he was shipped out to the 112th Morita Rifles. He is now the rank of Specialist serving aboard the Grant.

Military History[edit | edit source]

Basic Training

112th Morita Rifles Rct.

112th Morita Rifles Pvt.

112th Engineering Division 3Spc.

112th Engineering Division 2Spc.

112th Engineering Division Spc.

Injuries/Issues and Medical History[edit | edit source]

Injuries/Issues[edit | edit source]

Right Leg Bio-Tech

Minor and Major Burns across chest and right shoulder

Girlfriend Left

History[edit | edit source]

Been Paralyzed from the waist down twice

Lung Pierced

Shot in the Gut (Saving a HOTF)

Filled with Shrapnel Multiple Times

Shot too many times