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A brief introduction to Starship Troopers..

Welcome to Starship Troopers Roleplay![edit | edit source]
An Arachnid warrior - the staple caste of the Arachnid empire.

Starship Troopers is a book authored by Robert A. Heinlein at the crux of the Cold War, written both as a scathing criticism of what he felt was weakness on the part of the United States in agreeing to nuclear non-proliferation, but also written to deliver his view of what America should become: a Utopian militaristic but libertarian democracy. Although fairly authoritarian, pioneering liberal ideas such as abolishing conscription in favour of a purely volunteer force were championed in the book and for many years it served as mandatory reading for members of the United States Marine Corps.

The key feature of the United Citizen Federation is that in order to be entitled to vote one must serve a term of no less than 2 years in service (usually military) to the Federation.

It was eventually adapted into a movie by Paul Verhoeven in 1997, starring Casper Van Dien, Neil Patrick Harris and Denise Richards, which focused on the outbreak of war between humanity and the Arachnid empire. You can (somehow!) watch the full movie here on YouTube.

What's the format of the server?[edit | edit source]

Unsurprisingly with a name like Starship Troopers Roleplay, we are a server set in the Starship Troopers universe: humanity is in a long, drawn out war with an insectoid race of aliens called the Arachnids (like the warrior to the right) as well as a number of other foes - including several separatist factions and a handful of other hostile alien races.

Time on SSTRP is roughly split into two equal parts: half of our time is spent passively roleplaying aboard our starship whilst the other half is spent on military operations - where the roleplay is more focused on combat and where we fight waves of NPCs.

How do I create a character?[edit | edit source]

Assuming you are viewing this from ingame, you should see five tabs along the top of your screen:

SST Main Menu Header.png

If you hit the "ENLIST" tabs next to the TOP NEWS and EXIT tabs, you should be presented with a character creation menu.

I've never roleplayed before. Where can I learn?[edit | edit source]

Please see our very helpful guide on the forums:

How do I use my Morita Mk. 1 assault rifle?[edit | edit source]

Every Mobile Infantryman starts with a Morita Mk. 1 assault rifle. You should see it in your weapon inventory (press 4). By holding R, you can unholster your rifle and switch between firemodes. Saying /toggleraise also has the same effect. Once unholstered, you should be able to fire.

How do I use attachments?[edit | edit source]

Our Moritas have a variety of attachments, including but not limited to suppressors, bipods, a variety of scopes and grenade launchers. If you have been granted access to any of these attachments, you can access them by equiping the Morita, pressing C, and pressing the number associated with the attachment.

I don't have access to any attachments. How do I gain access to attachments?[edit | edit source]

Where a mission requires it, admins can enable individual attachments for everybody on spawn - however, these do not persist past the event.

In order to permanently gain access to an attachment you will need to be authorized to use it by a non-commissioned officer - someone ranked Sergeant or above. Current protocol dictates that only Private First Classes (PFCs) and above are allowed permanent attachments.

I can't find my way around the ship![edit | edit source]

The ship is organized into 4 decks: the bridge (+ combat information centre), the technical deck, the habitation deck and the engineering deck.

Players spawn in the airlock on the technical deck - as you walk out: on the left you will see the medical bay, the engineering bay and the elevator to the bridge; whilst on the right, you will see the corridor leading to the auditorium. Directly in front of you are the stairs to the habitation deck.

See below for a rough map of the ship:

Ulysses Map.png
My camera freaks out when holding the Morita at low FPS[edit | edit source]

Disabling headbob via sst_cw2_headbob 0 should fix this.