Frank Landon

From Starship Troopers RP
Personal Details
Date of Birth 11/10/2265

Military Information
Allegiance NoAffil.png Salk Liberation Front
Years of service
Status Inactive

Physical Attributes
Height 6'1
Weight 214 lbs

Frank Landon was born to Goerge Landon and Francesca Daub at St. Peter's Municipal Hospital in the city of Abboud, on Salk.

Little is known about Landon's education, as the only formal records the Federation has are his enlistment papers in 2283. Landon went to boot camp at Camp Bragg on Ganymede, and was described by drill instructors as "charismatic and a natural-born leader." Upon graduation, Landon was assigned to the 109th Rifles, and served for 6 years. Psychological evaluation showed a darker side to Landon; he exhibited an extremely manipulative nature and was prone to bouts of unwarranted violence towards his subordinates. Landon came under fire for ordering his troopers to kill and mutliate the bodies of Separatists who had surrendered to the 109th after days of fighting on Onchaeho IV. Landon justified his actions by stating that the killing of prisoners and the mutilation of their corpses acted as a deterrent against those who had crossed his company. On August 9th, 2289, the 109th was captured by separatists while performing reconaissance on Maronis. Landon was separated from the 109th in the POW camp located on the central megacontinent where it was assumed he was subjected to large amounts of torture and interrogation. When rescue arrived for the 109th, Landon was not found in the camp and was presumed dead. Landon's name would not reappear until 2291 when several bombings of Federation research facilities on Salk were claimed by The Salk Liberation Front- with Frank Landon leading them. The Salk Liberation Front is notorious for their human trafficking rings and brutal treatment of Mobile Infantry POW's - most of them being slaughtered and put up for display as a message to others. To the SLF, Landon is a warlord tempered by battle, showing great compassion for those who would take up his cause and lay down their life for him, and incredible ruthlessness to those who oppose him. The SLF aims for the complete and total elimination of any presence of the Federation on Salk, utilizing unconventional and unethical methods to achieve this goal. Since 2291, the Federation has been actively pursuing Landon; placing him on several watchlists and naming him as one of the Federation's Most Wanted. The SLF and Landon are suspected to have insiders within the Federation, as they have access to information that would not be obtainable otherwise.

Landon and the SLF have personally claimed responsibility for several attacks, bombings, assassinations, and mass shootings all over Salk.


  • 2291: Three bombs detonate at three Federation research facilities in Abboud, injuring 212 and killing 117.
  • 2292: SLF conducts mass shooting on October 4th in Lister, 42 dead (including Planetary Governor Vickie Fitzpatrick) and 3 injured
  • 2292: Several high ranking Federation councilmen and their children taken hostage in New Perth, rescue operation ended with only two councilmen being rescued while the rest were unaccounted for, launching a massive search. Weeks later, their remains (as well as several of their childrens' remains) were found in a bog 12 miles from New Perth.
  • 2292: Operation Stampout is commenced with the goal of eliminating SLF presence in Abboud and eliminating Frank Landon.
  • 2292: Operation Stampout labeled partial success, SLF scattered- but Landon evades capture/elimination.
  • 2293: SLF attacks Mobile Infantry parade in Busan, 29 MI dead, 14 civilians dead.
  • 2293: SLF assassins attempt to take the life of LtCol. Jerry Venkatesh while visiting Salk on leave.
  • 2293: Landon releases several tapes ordering the Federation to leave Salk under the threat of a bombing campaign if his demands were not met.
  • 2293: Bombing campaign begins, over the next few months over 19 explosives were detonated at several Federal buildings across Salk. At the end of the campaign in early 2294, over 2100 had lost their lives.
  • 2294: Landon proclaims he will unleash "wave of terror" unless Federation withdraws all Mobile Infantry assets from Salk.
  • 2295: From January to May, the SLF and Landon carry out a series of coordinated bombings of public areas, kidnappings, and political assassinations of several high ranking Federation officials. By the end, over 4000 were dead.
  • 2296: The 112th is tasked with eliminating/capturing Landon. One of Landon's body doubles is killed, resulting in Landon bombing the Tenenbaum-Jackson Manufacturing Plant on New Portsmouth, Pallas- hometown of the 112th's Battalion CO, Major Robert Shaw.
  • 2296: SLF claim responsibility for a series of bomb detonations in Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg on Christmas Day, leaving several thousand injured and hundreds killed.