Danielle Aldwulf

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Born in Munich, Germany to the Aldwulf aristocracy; Danielle was given a particularly thorough education from a young age, namely through the means of private tutors and academies. Alongside a strong natural intelligence came an intrigue with biological functions of the body. This began as an initial endeavor into the human physiology, before evolving to 'otherly' creatures as a result of first-hand experience in a post-secondary setting. What began as a side interest eventually became a focus of study, and soon-after; an occupational opportunity in the Federation.

Danielle E. Aldwulf
Personal Details
Full Name Danielle E. Aldwulf
Date of Birth 04-11-2268
Origin Munich, Germany, Terra

Military Information
Allegiance FederationFlag.jpg United Citizen Federation
Service/branch Military Intelligence
Years of service 4
Rank F-O-2.png Second Lieutenant
Status Inactive

Details:[edit | edit source]

Surname: Aldwulf

Other Name(s): Danielle Enya-Henrietta

Ethnicity: White Germanic

Education: Masters degree in Xenobiology

Minor degree in Sociology.

Bachelors degree in Psychology.

Personality:[edit | edit source]

A down-looker of exhibitionism as well as a curious muse doubled with an all-business attitude. Having been quite literally 'been there and done that' in most given scenarios, Danielle finds herself capable of handling situations in a head-on approach with premeditation when necessary. An appreciator of intrigue and an intellectual, she looks at most situations with a worse-case scenario in her head in the interest of avoiding disappointment and facilitating surprise. While arrogant and often-times downright brooding, Aldwulf is an officer of eloquent taste and polite demeanor. She tends to contribute to conversations through intellectual insight or droll facetiousness, but were she to open up to someone, they may come to terms with her being far more human than she appears. With little obvious care for those she does not know, Aldwulf colors herself with intrigue in the face of adversary or challenge, sometimes to the point of crass behavior or decision-making when frustrated.