Avacyn Moon

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 Basic Information[edit | edit source]

Avacyn Moon
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Personal Details
Full Name Avacyn Moon
Date of Birth 05-06-2271
Origin New Philadelphia

Military Information
Allegiance FederationFlag.jpg United Citizen Federation
Service/branch Military Intelligence
Years of service 1
Rank F-O-2.png Second Lieutenant
Status Inactive

Physical information[edit | edit source]

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 140 lbs.

Eye color: Blue.

Hair color: Black.

Skin tone: Pale.


Background[edit | edit source]

Avacyn was born on the colony world of New Philadelphia, and grew up with a reasonably standard household. At the age of 18, she graduated high school and went to the colonies foremost college. There, she began her study of xenobiology, which she found her main passion in. However, she began to have a secondary interest when she watched a documentary about the slipspace drives used by the Federation. With this in mind, she enrolled in a technology minor, and began studying even harder. It took many years of hard work, study, and little to no social life. However, she managed to graduate with her major in Xenobiology, and a minor in technology. The moment she graduated from university, she immediately commissioned into the Federal Service.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

An American woman with black hair, and blue eyes. She seems to always look interested or curious at what is happening around her. Her skin is smooth, and she always seems to wear gloves of some kind. Her uniform is near immaculate, and always seems to be very squared away.

Military History[edit | edit source]

Service Record[edit | edit source]

  • September 11th, 2296 - Commissioned into the Federal Service.