Ariane Gagnon-Roy †

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Ariane Gagnon-Roy
Personal Details
Full Name Ariane Gagnon-Roy
Date of Birth 03/20/2278
Origin Montreal, Canada, Earth, Sol

Military Information
Allegiance FederationFlag.jpg United Citizen Federation
Service/branch Mobile Infantry
Years of service 1
Rank F-E-2.png Private First Class
Status Inactive

Ariane Gagnon-Roy (03/20/2278) was a rifleman in the Mobile Infantry. She completed boot camp with K Company, 3rd Recruit Training Battalion, at Camp Arthur Curie, before being stationed aboard the Ulysses S. Grant with A Company, 112th Battalion in July 2298, then under command of Captain Sebastian Bently. She was involved in numerous combat operations against the Progenitors, the Arachnid Empire, the Skinnies, and separatist movements.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Ariane was born in Montreal, and grew up in a low-income housing block in St-Michel. Her father, Pierre Gagnon, left her mother, Lea Roy-Levesque, shortly after her birth. Lea raised raised Gagnon-Roy by herself, but the child was often left to her own devices. She spent her childhood getting into trouble with her mischievous friends, avoiding her mother's numerous boyfriends, and honing her acrobatic skills. At four she was placed into a gymnastics program, which she quickly took a keen liking to. She continued her acrobatics throughout her schooling and, despite her height, received multiple ribbons and awards for her prowess. She attended high school at Talbot M. Papineau High School before dropping out and leaving her family home in the 11th grade. She worked as a meat cutter for Federal Wholesaler, and would go on to enroll in night classes and earn her diploma at the age of 20. Ariane was orphaned after the sacking of Earth by the Progenitors, herself surviving only due to her proximity to the Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau Starport at the onset of the attack. She boarded a tour craft loaded to double its capacity of passengers and, with a convoy of other survivor vessels, escaped under escort of a battery of Fleet Frigates to nearby Iskander, where refugee housing was already underway.