Antonio Sera

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Antonio Sera
Personal Details
Full Name Antonio Sera
Date of Birth 11-01-2266
Origin Naples Italy, Terra

Military Information
Allegiance FederationFlag.jpg United Citizen Federation
Service/branch Federation Fleet
Years of service 9
Status Inactive

Physical Characteristics:
-Height: 5'11

-Gender: Male

-Hair Color: Brown

-Eye Color: Brown

-Weight: 168

-Ethnicity: Caucasian
General Characteristics:
-Mental Status: 9/10

-Health: 10/10

-blood type: B+

-Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Antonio Sera was born in to a middle class family who's father worked as a janitor in a Community College and mother who worked as a secretary in a small law firm. During his childhood his parents worked to give him everything he needed to be a normal child and have the life they never had. Sera Attended the University of Naples Federico II after his time in public schooling and majored in mechanical engineering for four years. Once he graduated he enlisted into the Federation Fleet and upon completion of his training was put onto the UCF-ACF-BC-117 Audie Murphy as a Quarter Master, later to become Chief of Fleet Technicians where he repaired the ship, put out fires and handled the approval or denying of equipment for the Mobile Infantry as a Lieutenant Commander. After the Captain of the Murphy resigned, the new Captain terminated the Fleet Technician Corps and handed responsibility the Combat Engineers of the 112th Alpha company, leaving Sera as a Master Chief of auxiliary control. up until the destruction of the UCF-ACF-BC-117 Audie Murphy.