Amanda Winters

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Amanda Winters is a Mobile Infantry Technical Sergeant in Engineering and has operated as the Commander of engineering during her time on the Grant, she is quite serious and most decorated in her service.

Amanda Winters
Personal Details
Full Name Amanda Winters
Date of Birth {{{Date of Birth}}}
Origin Iskander

Military Information
Allegiance FederationFlag.jpg United Citizen Federation
Service/branch Engineering
Years of service
Rank F-O-2.png Second Lieutenant
Status Active

Name: Amanda Jane Winters

Place of Birth: Iskander, Loreal District 

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Height: 5ft9 


Rank: Technical Sergeant

Branch: Engineering

Date of Enlistment: 12/03/2296

Years of Service: 3

Injury Record:

1 x Broken left thigh,

1 x Broken right leg,

1 x Broken Rib

2 x Broken Shoulder

1 x Broken Scapula

1 x Shattered Lumbar Vertebrae

Combat Awards



   Engineering.png    Veterancy.png  
Theatre Ribbons
OmegaAward.png Lambda.png Meggido.png Helios.png